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  Thursday, June 17, 2004
    [9:25:33 AM]


Last night I tried out the new-ish Dim Sum restuarant, Yauatcha in Soho. Cunningly I checked other reviews
before going, so knew that
we were going to be constrained to a measly 90 minute slot. In fact this was made pretty clear by the staff:

  • When I called to make the booking

  • When they called to confirm the booking

  • When we arrived and were being taken to our table

So we knew not to look forward to a long evening of food, drink, and conversation !

So rather than spend an age pouring over the menu, half of which I couldn't make head nor tail of, we went right ahead and ordered a recommended number of eight or so dishes between three of us. The ordering technique was basically to scan through the menu and order anything that sounded like it might be nice, or at least interesting.

The food started arriving about five minutes after we ordered, one of the joys of Dim Sum I suppose, and was lovely. The scallops were great, and even the chickens feet went down well (though they didn't actually get finished).

All in all a very pleasant meal, and the place itself is visually pleasing, from the serene "lounge" area upstairs, to the brick lined basement
dining room downstairs. Heck even the bathrooms were cool; the slate waterfall/sink was especially zen-like.

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