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  Wednesday, June 16, 2004
    [5:21:35 PM]

Paul Ford on Geekery

I just love it when someone manages to sum up some of what goes in my head/life in such a nice, humorous way, here's a quote:

Why are so many of the things I love so embarrassing? Computer programming, science fiction, blogging-every one of my passions is something to sneer at. You're supposed to not care, to just do the things you love and ignore public censure-but who doesn't know better than that? When I discovered computers, I used to hide the manuals, so that no one could see. From the age of 12, I knew it was better to be a cipher, invisible to my peers, with no obvious preferences, than to be known as a boy who loved fractals. The alternative was beatings, and spitballs. Now, when I meet strangers, I talk about anything but websites and sci-fi. I keep the topics urbane. Art, serious film, well-reviewed books

Full article: http://www.ftrain.com/Gallivespians.html

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