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  Thursday, June 17, 2004
    [8:48:20 AM]

For Loop, for who?

Great stuff from the Daily WTF:

You know, I can just picture the conversation Jose would have with this coder ...
Jose: You should really use a FOR LOOP over there.
Coder: A loop for whom?
Jose: No, no ... it's a type of loop.
Coder: Oh, so, it's a loop for me?
Jose: No, no ... I mean ... it's a loop that executes a block of code a fixed num--
Coder:  Ooh, I get it. I don't have one of those ... it's your loop? You misplaced it?
Jose: Err, I mean, instead of having to write out all those If-Then, you can use a loop to build the output.
Coder: I see. So ... If you're building output, Then I should write a loop for you? Uhh ..
Jose: No, the Loop is a programming construct, you put it in your code.
Coder: So I construct a code file? I already have it all in Code.bas ...
Jose: Argh -- no, actually, err ... never mind!
Coder: Will do.
Coder (mumbling to self): Pfft. Like that makes sense anyways ... make a loop out of my code file ... what an idiot!

Full post: http://thedailywtf.com/archive/2004/06/16/316.aspx

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