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  Thursday, June 24, 2004
    [8:32:02 AM]

Counter argument to "How Microsoft lost the API war"

Interesting counter argument by Leon Bambrick (http://www.secretgeek.net/) to Joel Spolskys article posted last week.

Here's a couple of pertinent quotes:

Joel is clever, knowledgeable and very convincing. Joel writes in a way that suggests he is your friend.

But is Joel Spolsky really your friend? Do you even know Joel? Is it possible that Joel sometimes uses his charm and wit to hide his true feelings and his true agenda?

After all this, I've learnt a lot of things. But I've also come to some rather harsh conclusions.

The harshest conclusion is that Joel's article is a piece of FUD from a very frightened ISV (Independent Software Vendor), who has decided to try and invent the future.

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