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  Friday, May 28, 2004
    [9:49:32 AM]

Hierarchical categories in DasBlog

A few people have expressed a desire to have nested, or hierarchical categories displayed on the front page of their blogs.
After a bit of digging around, I found this FAQ on the DasBlog Wiki: http://wiki.shahine.com/default.aspx/DasBlog.FrequentlyAskedQuestions
Straightforward-ish, here's some step by step details to ensure you see it working:
  1. Go to the Add Entry page
  2. Type stuff
  3. Add "topCategory" to the category list (type it then click "add")
  4. Post
  5. Go to the Add Entry page
  6. Type stuff
  7. Add "topCategory|nestedCategory" to the category list (type it then click "add")
  8. Post
  9. Go to the front page, and you should see "topCategory" displayed in the category list, with "nestedCategory" indented below it
The key for this to work, is that all categories must have at least one post associated with them, and "topCategory" and "topCategory|nestedCategory" are treated as distinct categories.
More information:

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