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  Thursday, May 13, 2004
    [4:39:03 PM]

Information Heaven!

Stacks of articles already litter my desk, bag, and home, and there's always more interesting things to read and learn about. Imagine my delight when coming across a list at Google that contains links to "things that they want their engineers to be passionate about", or conversely, "if you're passionate about these things, we want to hire you".

For example The anatomy of a large scale hypertextual search engine is utterly fascinating, and well worth a read if you're in any way intrigued in just what is required to efficiently index four billion pages.

This is whats currently sitting on my desk, freshly printed, stapled, and awaiting persual in a comfortable place:


For a full list, see http://labs.google.com/papers.html

Yes, I do realise that I'm turning into a bit of a Google Whore, I'm sure it'll pass though :-)


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