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  Monday, May 03, 2004
    [9:27:14 AM]

dasBlog 1.6 released

Omar's just released a new version of dasBlog on GotdotNet workspaces, my little contribution means that it's now possible to add additional configuration options for the Mail to Weblog functionality, namley:

  • Only delete emails that have been processed (i.e. posted to your weblog)

  • The ability to not log ignored emails

These options are particulary useful when a number of people are using the same POP3 mailbox, for example in a corporate environment, which is precisley why I added the changes

I also enhanced the cross post functionality, allowing you to choose a particular blog from a list of available blogs from a remote location (as opposed to the first one, which was the default)

Full list of changes here, and you can grab the release here


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