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  Monday, April 19, 2004
    [6:54:22 PM]

Renaming files in Visual Studio.NET

This is a classic case of (me) not reading application warnings properly.

When you rename a file in Visual Studio.NET, and that file is under source control, the following happens:

  1. A new file is created with the new name, it has the contents of the old file
  2. The new file is marked to be added to source control
  3. The old file remains in source control, in a checked out state
  4. The old file is not displayed in the Visual Studio.NET solution explorer

So, to avoid confusing other developers as to why you've had SomeFile.cs checked out for months, you need to open up the source control GUI, and manually delete the old file.

I thought I'd post this as I was looking in source safe earlier, wondering why there were a load of files checked out by me, but I couldn't see them in VS.NET...


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