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  Thursday, April 08, 2004
    [4:36:03 PM]

Outlook plugin for "intelligent archiving"

After reading Andys posts (here and here) about the size of Outlook pst files, and one suggestion of deleting your emails, I thought that some sort of clever archiving plugin might be in order.

The basis idea is that when you run the archive job, only the last email in each thread is actually stored.  So if you were part of a conversation that contained 20 emails, only one would actually be stored to disk.

Therre are a couple of obvious drawbacks to this:

  1. What is the defining characteristic of an email thread?

    1. I think outlook adds a custom header item, something like x-message-thread-id
    2. Perhaps just examing the to, cc and subject (minus the "RE:"'s) items to find a match would work

  2. Attachments may be lost

    1. In a corporate environment, you'd hope that internal documents would reside in some kind of document management system, or global file share

  3. If any email in the thread doesn't include all previous content, some may be lost

    1. Of course you could scan each email in the thread, and collate all unique messages into a single archive email

  4. If seperate emails in the same thread were moved to different folders, you'd lose all but one of them

    1. Part of the email thread characteristic could be the folder in which the email is stored

Anyway, just a thought :-)



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