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  Thursday, April 22, 2004
    [12:46:58 PM]

Forget Task Manager

And welcome Process Explorer !

Process Explorer from SysInternals.com displays detailed information about all the processes running on your machine. Including:

  • A human readable description (i.e. "SoftModem Messaging Applet" instead of "AGRSMMSG.exe" - still don't know exactly what it does, but have more of an idea now)
  • Displays dependancies (i.e. what system dlls are required for that process)

  • Displays all threads for a process

  • Ability to drill down and view the stack for an individual thread (!)

  • Associated registry entries

  • Files a process is using (hopefully this'll help with that "Cannot delete this file, it is in use by another process" error that seems to always force me into shutting everything down)

  • And more....

Craig's right, it does rock :-)


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