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  Wednesday, March 03, 2004
    [3:41:40 PM]

One of the shortcomings of DasBlog, is that in order for multiple people to have their own blogs, you need a seperate installation for each person.

Not a big deal in itself, but rolling out updated files becomes a bit annoying when you have to copy them into the relevant folder for each instance.

Whilst wondering whether or not we could create some sort of virtual folder for the DasBlog binaries, so that they all pointed to the same "base" folder, I scribbled something along those lines on our whiteboard and thought no more of it.

Along came Steven and dredged out from that scary memory of his, a scrap of something that he thought might give me the answer.

Five minutes on Google later, and I find myself on http://www.sysinternals.com.  Apparently NTFS supports directory symbolic links, where you can "point" directory A at directory B, and although A behaves as a perfectly normal folder, and gives no indication otherwise, it is to all intents and purposes folder B.

Pretty cool I thought, and there's a little DOS utility written by Mark Russinovich for free download here.

I'll have a play around and see if this sorts out my DasBlog maintenance problem...


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