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  Wednesday, March 03, 2004
    [9:09:29 AM]

Finally, a way to stop people from using their phones in public places

You know the situation, sitting comfortably on the train home, quietly pondering the higher truths of life love and happiness, when some oik starts barking into his mobile phone right next to you, shattering your zen like state of bliss and contemplation.

Perhaps that's not strictly true, at least not on South Central Trains, apart from the oik part of couse.

Someone posted a link to our internal IT portal the other day, it's a warning about bluetooth vunerabilities on a number of nokia and erricson phones. Apparently with a bit of cunning would be attackers can grab your phone book, calendar, and even use your phone to suf the web. Sounds a bit ominous doesn't it? But in all liklihood who's really going to bother?

Further down the article, this appears:

Nokia also said that its 6310i handset is vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack when it receives a "corrupted" Bluetooth message: "A DoS attack would happen if a malicious party sends a malformated Bluetooth...message to reboot a victim's Nokia 6310i. We have repeated the attacks and found that there are some corrupted Bluetooth messages that could crash the Nokia 6310i phone," said the representative, who sought to reassure customers by saying that following the crash, the phone will reset and function normally.

Right, how do I create a "corrupted" message suitable for sending to top of the range snazzy phones commonly used by bond traders aka shouting oiks?



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