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  Monday, March 08, 2004
    [12:49:25 PM]

Being the super geek that I apparently am, I took the opportunity over the weekend to work on some code involving the System.IO.FileSystemWatcher.

In the end I created a windows service, that basically monitors a directory for input files.

When it finds a new input, it sets some parameters, dynamically load the referenced assembly (which provides an implementation of an interface I defined), kicks off a new thread and sets the whole thing running.

I'll post more on the specifics later (I learnt quite a lot so would be good to share).

Anyway, this post is about Sofware versus Hardware, at least from a protective point of view.

As a developer I am easily more attached to my source code than any machine it might run on, for example you can always buy new hardware, but how do you retrieve a weekend of coding?

This all flashed through my mind on the way to work earlier as |


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