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  Tuesday, February 24, 2004
    [2:58:32 PM]

Knowledge Management? Gimme Enterprise Whuffie !

I remarked to my bosses boss earlier, that it would be jolly handy to get some integration going on between Flex Wiki and any of our blogging tools (currently DasBlog)

The main reason I think it would be useful, is that while FlexWiki is a great place to dump information, and link to other pertinent pages, there is no nice and easy way for people to monitor whats going on there. Blogs on the other hand are the perfect place for the occasional post that summarises a whole Wiki area, or flags up a new area, as people are probably already monitoring that blog (especially if RSS feeds are involved, the feeds from FlexWiki are more along the lines of "this changed 100 times in the last hour").

Anyway, it seems that Social Text does just that !

What caught my eye on the homepage of SocialText however, was the reference to Whuffie, something I had only heard about while reading one of Cory Doctorow excellent books, in particular Down and out in the magic kingdom. I'm actually in the middle of reading his latest one, Eastern Standard Tribe.


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