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  Tuesday, February 03, 2004
    [8:31:37 AM]

Had to happen

It was bound to happen really, some geek goes and names his son not 'John Johnson Junior', or 'John Johnson II', but 'John Johnson Version 2.0'

Reminds me of the story a while back about parents naming their kids after brand names, like Chevrolet, Armani and L'Oreal, one even went so far as to call his poor child ESPN after the sports channel, not really looking for a bit of a kicking once he starts school or anything then?

Though I should point out that the article went on to say that as strange as it seems this is not a new phenomenon, just look at the popular names 50 years ago, Pearl, Ruby, ..., people are only naming their offspring after objects of desire, it's just apparently we now hanker after great shiny metal things rather than small shiny precious things... go figure (to use an expression I picked up last year)


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