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  Tuesday, February 24, 2004
    [2:00:21 PM]

Collect- at the V&A museum

I've just got back from seeing the Craft Councils air fair for contemporary objects, and pretty impressive it was too.

[a ring by Charlotte DeSyllas, not exhibited]
Sadly as this was the last day of the fair, and as I am under full time employment, I only managed to nip down during my lunch break. Whilst I don't remember any names of the exhibitors (apart from Charlotte DeSyllas of course), some of the work was truly amazing.

The glass and wood work particulary caught my eye, and many of the items would have looked perfect in any stylish home.

I was a bit late to see all of Charlottes work which was a shame, though had I taken the time to think about it, I'd have worked out the chance of it being sold before the final day was so high perhaps I would have made more of an effort.

Still, there were two neckaces left on Charlottes stand, this one is particulary striking.


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