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  Thursday, January 29, 2004
    [11:04:58 AM]

I was wrong, ok

Over the past week or so everyone in the UK has been making a huge fuss about the impending snow storms that were supposedly due to engulf us and bring the country to it's knees. I said that because of all the excitement that it was bound not to snow, after all, thats the usual way of things here (it's going to be a lovely summer, oh, no, perhaps not... it's going to be a white christmas..uh, maybe next year...)

Late yesterday afternoon it started snowing big time here in London, within about 15 minutes there was a thick layer everywhere, and, of course, the disruption started.

Oxford Street yesterday (taken from my phone hence poor resolution)

Tubes were delayed, trains were cancelled, cars were crashing and lorries were jackknifing (yes it is a word ;-)) pretty much everything fell apart (hell, I even fell over on the way home, well nearly).

So this morning, getting up late to miss the morning chaos, I thought "other countries have this kind of weather every year, and they seem to cope ok". The natural argument is because this kind of thing happens every year then of course they're prepared for it... but then, every year we have heat waves, snow, floods, pestilence (ok maybe not pestilence), and every time it takes us by surprise. I won't stoop so low as to mention those blasted leaves that appear out of nowhere from time to time bringing terrible death and dispair. Oops.

So, everyone, when the weather forecast says there's going to be a massive snow storm, and everyone agrees and works up into a state of anticipation, it might happen, so lets do something about it next time.


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