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Classical Spectacular

This was my first foray into live classical music, and this was probably the perfect introduction, mainly as Clayton noted, it was the basically the classical version of Top of the Pops.

The was spectaular in itself, with the majestic dome and prestigious location just by Hyde Park.

The evening kicked off with Orff by O Fortuna, the
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Choral Society definatley doing it justice.

The first piece to send shivers down my spine was Verdi's Chrous of the Hebrew Slaves, and send shivers it did. So powerful and packed full of emotion, I knew we were in for a good night.

As with most things these days, I was constantly distracted by the people around me (mainly the silver hair brigade, all waving union jacks for some unfathonable reason, at least one of them whacking me on the back of the head). The little old man sitting alone with two flags almost brought a tear to my eye (thanks for that Paula). He was obviously enoying himself, though you couldn't help but want to go and sit next to him, to fill the space his usual partner takes, give him someone to share the experience with.

In keeping with the name of the evening, the light show was very impressive, lazers, fireworks and exploding muskets from the upper balcony. I couldn't help but feel they detracted from the music however, and really that kind of over the top visual medley was probably more suited to an all night techo night, House of God at Birminghams Q-Club anyone? My sleep deprived eyes didn't take too kindly to being blinded by spot lights either, but the oldies seemed to appreciate it all.

The grand finale was actually a bit over the top, with the encore ending with the Can-Can and what looked like the cast of Dads Army (apparently the Moscow Militia, the retired version) parading through the crowd, but I can forgive that.

Overall it was fantasic, and has given me a taste for more though perhaps - dare I say it - something more refined next time.

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